Put a little tennis, a bit of badminton and a pinch ping-pong in a cocktail shaker, and you’ve got PICKLEBALL!!

Come out to Chestnut Forks and experience why Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. We will begin to offer a wide range of programs to meet the growing needs of the pickleball community from the Warrenton and surrounding areas.  Chestnut Forks will offer private lessons, private clinics, introductory clinics for new players, as well as intermediate/advanced clinics for our competitive players, we will offer a schedule for open play and will have tournaments run throughout the year.

Beginner Opportunities

Warning! Extremely Addicting!

There are beginner clinics and social opportunities to help you and your friends get started with pickleball. These are great options to come out and learn basic shots and rules of pickleball to get you going! Please feel free to bring a friend or a group of friends so you can all learn together and start your journey to greatness!

Please Contact Collin for information on upcoming opportunities at cvctennis@gmail.com


Contact our Director of Pickleball, Collin Vero-Casavant  to schedule a private lesson. This is a great opportunity to work one on one and turn that weakness into a strength!  Collin is a PPR Certified Professional and are 5.0+ players and can help take your game to the next level!

Another great option is to get a group of friends together and do a group clinic. Options could be, 3 players + a Pro, 4 players or a bigger group. We can accommodate your needs and cater the clinic towards what you want! This is a great way to practice with a partner for a tournament or a great opportunity to get on court feedback while practicing with fast paced drills.  

Please contact Collin for more information on costs and available times.

Open Play

Come play with your friends or get into a pick-up game with other Pickleball enthusiasts. Take advantage of open play time to drill with your partner if the courts are not filled. We will supply the balls and you can work on your game like the pros do!

We will assist where possible to organize games for those that show up. 

Players will relinquish court to players waiting after each game.

Summer Open Play

Morning Play:


9:30am – 12:30pm

$12 Member/ $15 Non-Member Drop-In Fee

Evening Play:

Wednesday 7:30-10:30pm

Saturday 4:30-7:30pm

$12 Member/ $15 Non-Member Drop-In Fee

NEW!!! Pickleball Intro