Karen Longe HillKEL Physical Therapy at Chestnut Forks

offers a full range of PT services with emphasis on manual, hands on techniques, to club members as well as the general public.

KEL PT specializes in preventative care, pre-injury intervention, performance improvement analysis, chronic injury remediation and post surgical recuperation including bridging that gap between rehab and full performance.


“After somehow dodging it my whole life, tennis elbow recently attacked and showed me how debilitating it can be.  I’m not sure exactly what caused it, but once it set in, I couldn’t grip anything without pain, let alone play tennis.  After unsuccessfully trying a few “Google” remedies, at the suggestion of a CFAC member, I booked an appointment with Karen.  Over the span of several weeks, her drug-free and all-natural therapy and exercises have me back playing pain-free (compared to friends that took months, if not up to a year to heal).  I look forward to her training recommendations to prevent it from recurring.”  Alan Batchelder, tennis player

“I’ve been to see Karen for physical therapy for two different injuries I sustained while playing tennis in the last 3 years.  Both times she was able to quickly diagnose the problem, pinpointing the cause of the pain and eliminating other areas as potential causes.  With her intimate knowledge of how the body works, she was able to get me back to playing tennis pain free in just a few sessions.  Thoroughly impressed and highly recommend. 5 stars!    Aurelio Roca, dentist and tennis player

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