Small Group Training and Specialty Classes

Does more than get you in Great ShapeSamll Group TRX Classes Warrenton, VA

It connects you to the motivation & energy of others who share your fitness goals.

If you are motivated by the individual attention and structure of a personal trainer yet benefit from the motivation and camaraderie of others. Small Group Training and Specialty Classes may be a great option for you!

Small group training ensures individual attention.

Groups are designed for 4-6 participants.

Each session is tailored specifically to your goals and needs.

Choose from Specialty & Express  Classes  (Aerial Fitness, Cybex & TRX, Express TRX, Express HIIT, Express Barre, and Express Fitness for Tennis) or bring your friends and create your own group training class.

Contact:  Director of Operations,  Kim Sieber for more information:

Phone: (540)347-0823
Email: [email protected]