Small Group Training and Specialty Classes

Does more than get you in Great Shape

Samll Group TRX Classes Warrenton, VA

Adult Fitness TRX

It connects you to the motivation & energy of others who share your fitness goals.

If you are motivated by the individual attention and structure of a personal trainer yet benefit from the motivation and camaraderie of others. Small Group Training and Specialty Classes may be a great option for you!

Small group training ensures individual attention.

Groups are designed for 4-6 participants.

Each class is tailored specifically to your goals and needs.

Choose from Specialty  Classes  (Lifelines Aerial Yoga, TRX Pilates, TRX Training, HIIT, Prenatal Baby Train, Booty Back Barre) or
bring your friends and create your own group training class.

Contact:  Fitness Director,  Langdon Harris Johnston for more information:

Phone: (540)347-0823

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