Hi.  I’m Derek Maloney, my father opened Chestnut Forks in 1975. We are a family owned and operated facility and I’d love to tell you about life at our club!

Our Mission and Motivation

Derek & FamilyAt Chestnut Forks Tennis & Fitness, our mission is to improve the lives of our members and community through Lifetime Sports and Lifetime Friendships.

If you enjoy recreational sports and fitness in a family-friendly, social environment, then you will absolutely love Chestnut Forks!

At Chestnut Forks, we believe an active lifestyle is the key to living better, and it’s that point of view which drives us every day. We are professionally staffed with people who care and we take great pride in providing our members with the attention and outstanding service they deserve. We also feel that a healthy lifestyle is about more than proper exercise and nutrition — it’s leading a life connected with others in a healthy and positive way.

As a child, I grew up at Chestnut Forks where I built relationships that transformed my life in a positive way and I’d like every member to have that opportunity and more. As a Father, I appreciate time spent being active, playing sports and getting fit together as a family. Chestnut Forks provides numerous activities, events and opportunities for you to share with your family and friends and the opportunity to meet new friends who share the love of sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Our Facility and our Transformation

Being in the health club industry, I’ve seen a lot of change. Fitness equipment, club amenities, and design are evolving every day. Chestnut Forks continues a transformation to reflect the changing needs of our members and enhance our member’s club experience.

Your Opportunity

I invite you to come visit us today. Tour our club, get a workout, schedule your free 30 minute tennis lesson or Personal Training Session and meet our friendly staff . You can do it all free with our complimentary mini-membership.